About Us

Welcome to Livingwear, a modern apparel company on a mission to design for a better world. Driven by curiosity and learning, we explore and experiment with sustainable material innovation and science, all whilst recognizing & celebrating differences - bodies, people and ways of living.

We design & make Reliable Elevated Essentials for everyone - 

Clothes that

  • fits You, your wardrobe and our Ecosystem .
  • you can live in and use everyday, effortlessly
  • are created combining sustainable materials, innovative science & a focus on excellent design

Experience a World of Difference(s)™ together with us - a global group of designers, material engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs, game-changers & real people who wants to design and make a different & better future. 


Livingwear - Meaning & Inspiration:

Living (/ˈlɪvɪŋ/): 
A curious journey to design and make for a different world & a world of difference

all-inclusive, reliable clothing that you can live in & come back to every time, made responsibly and innovatively