Here are some key questions that we always get from our customers! If you have other questions, please send it to
It's because we operate digitally native and without any middlemen. We ship to you directly from our warehouse in Singapore while keeping most of our processes in-house, including designing & concepts.
We also made it our purpose to bring you the Best Products at Remarkably fair prices! A fairer & transparent model where you no longer have to pay crazy premiums for your Life-Wear'
We truly believe that our Customers have the right to know where their products are made, how much they cost to make and what goes behind a company and brand.
We believe in creating Exceptional Value and caring for our customers first, no matter what.
"Take care of your Employees and they will take care of your customers. Take care of your customers and they will take care of you"
Our 'Shift' Guarantee was designed to give our new customers the best Experience when making an Upgrade to us. We know it is hard to experience our products without trying it on. So go on ahead without risk to experience the Quality difference & get the perfect fit!
For more detailed info, please head on to: Our Shift Guarantee Page

We ship to almost all the countries in the World
Please view our Shipping Page for more information
We do our best to manage our stock in our Asendia Warehouse in Singapore and keeping it up to dates at all times with a sync to our eStore.
In the rare instance that your ordered item is out of stock, we will do everything we can to assist you in choosing another item or we will do a fast track refund for you.
Good clothing care makes them last longer, please take note of the following:

For Washing:

1. Wash with Cold or Cool Water, never hot

2. Machine Wash on a delicate cycle or handwash

3. Use a gentle detergent

4. It is recommended to turn inside out for washing

For Drying:

1. Tumble dry on low heat / cool

2. Air or Hang dry ( Best Option)

3. Don't wring or twist

For Ironing:

- Steam or Iron on low heat

For all our products:

- Don't use bleach or softeners

- Hot water, high heat, abrasion & constant direct sunlight will hasten the degrading and fading in the fabric.

- Washing with rough fabrics like denim, towels can reduce lifespan of fabric and cause lint pills.

Our sizes and fit were designed in mind to fit you & not the box it came in.

Please view our Full Sizing Guide on how & where to measure to ensure that you pick the optimal size for you!

If you have any queries or questions, feel free to Mail Us to get help on selecting sizes!
Currently, we will restock our items when it's close to a stock out. There is no specific timeline for this as we rather make smaller batches to sell out rather than it being unable to sell at all.

This is also part of our effort to prevent wastage of materials.

For limited items, once they are sold out, they are usually never restocked again.
At Livingwear, we believe in making our Life-Wear products exceptional, functional, fitting and long lasting for our customers.

We want to make collections and pieces that our Customers would wear over and over again with the right circular design process.

We also go through a process of real feedback and testing before releasing any product. As lots of time, resources, effort and care goes into making our studio-quality timeless Essentials, this would mean a slower release of our items & collections.
Before you send out a Return or Exchange, please contact us at to request for a Return/Exchange.

Please send us your

1. Invoice/Order number

2. Reason for Return or Exchange

3. Pictures (in any case of defects, wrong items etc.)

Once we authorize the Return or Exchange, you are free to go ahead and send the item back to us!

Typically, our Returns will take around 14 business days to be processed once it reaches our Singapore warehouse, and credit card refunds take up to 5-10 business days to appear on your statement.
You will receive a email or notification once it has been processed.
In order to stay true to our Mission of providing you with Remarkably Fair and the Best Possible Prices, we have no choice but to charge a small fee for our cash returns in order to facilitate the processes and current logistics that we have in place. 

To be very transparent, if we are charging similar markups, we would be able to cover global returns and even have a no return fee structure but it is impossible to do so with our model right now. We hope you understand!
We believe that it is important for us to own their entire manufacturing process and to design our products for circularity from the start, to our very best.
To know where our products are made and whether they are made ethically and safely.

Over at LivingWear, we are involved at every step of our supply chain; from selecting our fabric mills to finding the right manufacturer.This allows us to have a greater degree of control and ensures that ethical standards are being upheld.

We make sure all the fabric mills and garment makers we work with have the proper environmental practices in place and safe worker conditions and that they aren't being exploited.

We are very hands-on ourselves and visit all our partner factories in person at least once a year

We are proud to be able to say confidently that we know where our fabrics materials come from and who made them. We strive to progressively improve on our Transparency, Circular & Ethical policies as we grow.
At Livingwear, Sustainability & Circularity plays a big part in our processes as we strive to challenge the status quo of the industry.

We are committed to continuously striving to improve our circular thought, design and business processes as part of our duty for the Planet. This goes down to our product design, packaging methods & with much more improvements to come! 

Better Considerations & Methods. Less Waste & Damage.
You can always drop us an email to find out more! 
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