Our First Try Promise

We know → Buying clothes online for the first time can start some concerns.

We are often worried about a few major things:

      • What if it doesn't fit well?
      • What if it doesn't look and feel as good as the picture shown?
      • What if I just don't like it?
      • What if I felt over-promised to?
      • Can I trust the Brand to keep its word?

We are shoppers too. We understand that it can be worrying to buy clothes online, especially Underwear, which are so intimate and close to our bodies.

That's why we want you to try it first without being worried. Being Reliable partners, we want to take on the risk together with you.





What is the first try promise?

Our 'First Try Promise' ensures that you are 100% satisfied with any of the first purchase in each of our three categories: Underwear, Undershirt & T-Shirt (and many more categories coming).

This means that we will happily provide a full refund, exchange or send you the correct size within 60 days for your first pair/piece of our products in our Categories.

What if I ordered multiple items in my first order?

There is no problem at all! As long as you only try on just one! That first one is yours to try, wear, test and do whatever you like to see if it's right for you and then keep it regardless. We will refund or exchange your first pair without needing you to send it back to us. The remaining items can be returned to us or exchanged for the correct size as long as you have not tried, worn or washed them.

Still don't get it? Here's an example →

If you order a 5 Pack on your first order, tried on one pair and realized that you need a different size to fit you. You'll get to keep the one you tried on under our guarantee and reach out to us for an exchange. We'll take back the other four (as long as they are not tried on, worn, or washed) and send five new ones in the size you like. Sounds easy? Because it is!

In addition, do take note that exchange shipping fees will not be refunded under our First Try Promise.

How do I contact you and what are the terms & conditions for this?

You can contact us via Email - help@livingwear.co to kickstart the request.

Terms and Conditions are as applies:

-  Only applies to your first & online purchase of Livingwear product in each category.

-  All requests must be made within 60 days of order.

-  If you choose to replace the items, we will ship it to you free of charge. Shipping fee for exchange not included*

For other returns and exchanges, please view our FAQ.