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Design Approach

In this dizzying age of stuff, it does feel a little strange to be starting a clothing line.  But that’s precisely why we’re so adamant about making reliable essentials.

To us, this means clothes that you can literally live in: comfy, versatile, and lasting.  To achieve this, we obsess over the details of our products, down to every last fibre.  We make sure we know where each part comes from, why we choose to make them the way we do, and, most importantly, how they serve the customer.

Our north star is a more accountable and efficient standard of clothes-making.  We are intentional with what we produce, and big fans of trying new technology and reimagining old processes to help us evolve toward this goal.


We begin by understanding what’s important when it comes to each building block of your wardrobe.  With underwear you want breathability and a healthy resistance to bacteria and odour.  Undershirts are ideally thermo-regulating; and who’s going to say no to anything that holds up in the wash?

Then, we hunt worldwide for raw materials and processes to give us the right fabric for the job.  In this collection, we use Austrian TENCEL™ Lyocell and Modal fibres, known for all these properties and more.

Produced from sustainably sourced wood, TENCEL™ fibres are gentle on both your skin and the environment.  Depending on the article of clothing, we calibrate the blend of these fibres accordingly, and turn them into fabric that’s strong, soft, and incredibly able to stand the test of time.


Good fit goes a long way.  Good fit is also subjective.  One man’s “this fits perfectly” is another’s “how does anyone breathe in this?”, just as a size M might deviate from one brand to the next.  We use the BodyBlock size recommender in our online shop so you can find your ideal fit based on your personal preference and Livingwear’s sizing.

And if the fit’s not quite right?  We’ll either give you the same item in another size, or your money back—whichever you prefer.  More info on our First Try Promise here.


Like a growing number of clothing companies, we’re working towards a vision of a sustainable ecosystem.

We try to do our part by making sure that all our materials and processes are as kind as possible to the planet and the people who handle them.  To this end, we partner up with suppliers, manufacturers, and other businesses who operate with similar values.

We look for a combination of product/process excellence plus a demonstrated commitment to treating both environment and people with respect.  For example, the factories we work with in Shenzhen and Zhongshan, China practise living wages and reasonable, flexible working hours, while our logistics company, Asendia, has placed its sustainability efforts front and centre.

Needless to say, we can always do better.  If you offer a material, process, or other service that could help Livingwear practise greater love for our earth, we’d love to connect: