Fabric Technology

MYNT³ (pronounced Mint) is our plant-based treatment technology that harnesses the natural antimicrobial and odour control properties of Peppermint.

It is infused into our fabric, coating every thread and fiber.

Harnessing nature into wearable science

The results of infusing our products with natural, plant-based peppermint?

Cleaner & Fresher Clothing for a longer period of time with zero impact

How does MYNT³ works?

MYNT³ works as an active compound in your clothing, activating to block microbials and micro-bacteria from forming. It works by destabilizing the cell wall of the microbes and bacteria, preventing them from forming on and penetrating into the fabric of our clothing. This ensures that your Clothes is cleaner, fresher and stays odour free!

MYNT³, the Planet & You →

Over time, MYNT³ is naturally washed into our water supply and streams (like all other fabric treatment) and it has no adverse effect on our environment due to its natural and plant-based properties.

MYNT³ is also safe for the user's skin. Peppermint has been used as essential oils and tea in many cultures. Also, after our treatment, there is no residual smell of Peppermint in your clothing!

What’s so great about MYNT³?

100% Chemical & Metal Free: 100% Natural & Plant-based, our MYNT³ active peppermint treatment is extracted organically from Peppermint plants.

Sustainable and Renewable: Peppermint is grown worldwide and MYNT³ is harvested naturally from these plants.

Anti-microbial and Anti-Bacterial: Effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria and microbes, keeping your clothes cleaner and odor-free for a longer period of time.

Durable and Long Lasting: MYNT³ stays infused and effective for up to 50 washes.

Cleaner & Fresher Clothes with MYNT³