At LivingWear, Our Mission and Core Values spread into everything that we do.
We put People, Customers & Planet first & this shows in our Circular Design Foundation Process,
which we are committed to drive Progressive improvements to it.

LivingWear's 4 Footprints: Water, Energy, Carbon & Waste 

There are 5 Key Steps that makes up our Circular Process. 
Keep scrolling to understand how we (& You) put this into action & practice:


Our Approach:

Never random & Always with a purpose.
To create lasting & timeless Life-Wear that you will wear for months and years to come. 
We look at your wardrobe and what you really need on a daily basis and design our Life-Wear to be modern, functional and fitting with less footprint on Earth.

Our Questions:

We believe that Questions are the answers to Better Design & Everything.
How can we make this Essential piece even better? What are the fabrics that we should be using? How can we make sure we reduce our 4 footprints? 

Our Development:

Zero Trends & Community Driven. 
How can we make this piece better? How can we incorporate our customers feedback? What does our community & customers want to see next? Should we release a limited edition piece? 

Our Fabrics:

Less footprint on the Planet. Functional, Lasting  & with Amazing Properties.
We are on a constant global mission to find the best raw materials to craft Luxury quality Fabrics with amazing properties for our Community.
And if we can't find it what we deem to be exceptional, We make our own.
Just to find the perfect fabric for each purpose. Like our UltraSkin™ fabric.


Fabric production is a long multi-step & consumption intensive process and we are constantly searching for great long term partners along the entire supply chain.
When it comes to selecting our long term partners & building a network, we don't just look at the surface value of where they are at currently.
We look for those that shares our Progressive Values & Vision to make a positive impact on Earth.

We don't view them as just business transactions. We view them as our partners-in-impact.
We go down to our factories & mills at least once a year to know the people behind each facility and build a personal relationship with them.
We then give them a compliance audit of factors such as:
fair living wages, reasonable hours, environmental efforts, technical expertise, quality, craftsmanship & technology.

Our Goal: A 9/10 Score for all our partners.
A progressive effort and commitment to improve on the factors year on year. 


Being a digital direct-to-consumer business, We look at our warehouses, end to end shipping and packaging as a core aspect of our business. With our 4 footprints in mind, we are driven to consider how can we get leaner, smarter and more environmentally friendly in the long run.

Our Warehouse:

Located in Singapore, one of the best & busiest freight hubs of the world, which means more flights out, better infrastructure and greater cost savings.

Our Shipping Partner:

Our logistics partner, Asendia is ahead in their efforts for Sustainability and reducing the impact on the nature. To find out more about what Asendia is doing and why we are proud to work with them, check out their Sustainability Measures.

Our Packaging:

LivingWear only uses 100% Recycled kraft boxes as our packaging to you. No virgin material or plastic is used as part of our boxes.
Due to certain logistical restraints, we have to use certain amount of plastic packaging in our products but we are aware of that and once we are able to, we would be removing the use of such excess packaging in our efforts to reduce the waste created.


Better Quality means they last longer and last better.
Here are some simple steps to ensure that you get the longest lifespan out of your Life-Wear:

1. Wear them often. ( Also, lowers cost per wear)

2. Pair them for every Occasion.
Designed for layering and to work perfectly with each other or other pieces that you might have.

3. Cold Wash only.
This saves electricity & reduces the carbon footprint on the planet

4. Less Ironing.
This will protect the fabrics and retain their amazing properties for longer

5. Zero Bleach.
Bleach has toxic properties and may damage our fabrics.  Try Hydrogen Peroxide or Gentle natural detergents instead.

6. No dryers or cleaners needed.
Saves Energy & Carbon but also makes your Life-Wear last longer. If really needed, Tumble Dry on Low / Cold

7. Use a Washing Bag
This will reduce the chances of piling and also captures all the microplastic waste that can be generated from other clothing. (Try Guppyfriend Wash bags!) 



Although our Life-Wear are made Better, there is no clothing or undergarments that lasts forever. We understand that. Therefore, we are always looking for solutions and launching new initiatives to help with this.

1. Upcycling

Give it to a friend, swap it or try 2nd hand Clothing store options.

2. Help us Recycle it

Get rewarded when you send it back to us or recycle it! We'll give you a $5 in store credit whenever you do so! 

Email us at to get started! 


We believe that everyone can make a difference
this is just the beginning.

If you want to know more about what we have planned up for initiatives and impact, email us at for more info.

We are really glad to share them with you and hear your suggestions & feedback on how we can do better.

Community Informed.
Because we believe
Relationships are built on TWO WAY COMMUNICATION


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