Here at LivingWear, we’re committed to putting our customers first.

We promise to bring you meaningful & quality Life-Wear that are built to last. Because as consumers ourselves, we’ve faced the same difficulty trying to find great products we can trust.

We know our offering of Modern Everyday Essentials will transition seamlessly through your existing wardrobe, adding value to your lifestyle needs – it really isn’t rocket science.

We want to make sure you’ll be wearing our pieces consistently for months or even years to come. That's why we are on a constant search for the finest fabrics to make your LivingWear experience feel good, function great and last a lifetime.

Read more about the other hands that make your beloved products come to life.


Better Quality shouldn’t cost you a whole lot more.

Our current systems of consumption are outdated. Consumers pay a lot more for “hidden costs” to buy the product they like: We believe you deserve to know more.

At LivingWear, we are dedicated to let you know more, with Progressive Transparency™ - giving you more visibility to our journey in sustaining our operations & the real cost of bringing you trustworthy & real quality products.

We’ve removed the extra ‘hands’ to ship directly to you, so whatever we save in costs can be passed along. Our products are priced remarkably fair & honest, at 3 - 4x, instead of traditional premium retail markup standards of 6 - 8x.

What this means is – Exceptional Value, All Year Round – Simply and Honestly.


At LivingWear, we believe it is our fundamental duty to protect our Planet & resources that makes our products possible.

A Great Business starts by being Good. Our commitment to embarking on a circular foundation journey starts here, and we are determined to offer you a solution to shopping for clothing with a conscience – but we need your help to close the loop.

From the genesis of our design process to end-of-use consumer logistics, we are invested in making better & socially responsible alternatives & educating generations in considering the impact we are responsible for on the planet, both as consumers and producers.

We promise that as we grow together on this journey, we will evolve to implement better processes & practices through scale, in order to become a business & brand that you – Our Community - are proud to be a part of.

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