What is Progressive Transparency™? 
In our industry, we all know the term: 'Radical Transparency'. We wanted to avoid using the term 'Radical Transparency' because it is overused & we didn't like being Radical just one time.
We believe in committing to growth in processes and efforts to our Mission. Therefore, we chose the term ' Progressive Transparency™' because we are always focused on improving and innovating.
How does our Progressive Transparency™ works? 
Simple. We believe that our customers deserve to know more about the Brand and Company they are supporting and buying from. So we show you -

1. the cost behind each product

2. our Supply Chain. Who made your products & more.

3. our Process & Efforts.

Current Work in Progress: 
" Ask Us Anything " Policy. Feel free to ask and feedback to us on anything.
Improving our Supply Chain in regards to dyes & fabrics.
Updated: May 2019.


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