“Dare to dream about a world that doesn’t yet exist, and design for that world.”

— Jon Max Goh,

co-founder & Chief Design Officer of Livingwear



Growing up, one of us couldn’t find clothes that fit right.  The other rarely found stuff that was well made and didn’t break his wallet.

We figured that was just the way things worked: clothes told you how your body was supposed to look; quality came with an eyebrow-raising price.  We told ourselves compromise and feeling self-conscious were all part of human-ing, but it didn’t feel right or good.

In 2019, we met, and together we began to wonder: what if our beliefs about clothing up to this point have been precisely that, beliefs… and we designed with new ones?  What if we made the clothes that we wanted to see in the world?

Clothes that fit more people, real people—not just standard shapes and sculpted models. Clothes for all the weird and wonderful ways our bodies are meant to be.  Clothes that we could and would wear over and over, priced and produced responsibly and innovatively.

And what if, as a company, we put more energy into learning about the people who piece these clothes together, as well as the ones who get into them at the end?  Just what kind of world would that be? - 

 A World of Difference(s)™