Wood Fiber

Our Wood Fiber (Tencel™ Lyocell) is a USDA certified biobased fiber, that is made from Eucalyptus wood - sourced & harvested from responsibly managed and sustainable sources.

Aside from it being extremely soft and silky, it is made in a completely closed loop chain, recyclable, biodegradable and uses less water, energy and chemicals compared to conventional materials.

From Wood, to Fibers

Trees are grown on non-arable land in responsibly managed forests. This means no competition for food crops to be cultivated.

The wood is then later harvested to be broken down to wood chips, wood pulp, then to wood fibers.

Growing them doesn’t require irrigation nor pesticides, making this better for the forest and the Ecosystem around it.

How does Livingwear’s wood fabric feel on touch?

Unlike what most would imagine, using wood as the base material doesn’t make our fabric scratchy nor tough, instead it feels like running your hand through silk. It is extremely soft, smooth and lightweight.

Where does Livingwear source their Lyocell from?

The branded Lyocell we use comes from Eucalyptus, Oak or Birch trees sourced from FSC® and PEFC™ certified natural forests and responsibly managed plantations from different parts of Europe & US. No wood or pulp is sourced from endangered or primeval forests.

What’s so great about Lyocell?

Thermo-Regulating: Lyocell is naturally thermo-regulating which means it keeps you cool when its warm and warm when its cool.

Extremely Breathable: Lyocell is a fiber with nanofibrils inside, meaning that air can pass through it more easily, making it one of the best fabrics for warmer wear

Bacteria Resistant: Lyocell fibers absorb moisture more efficiently, providing a less favorable environment for bacteria growth, keeping it more hygienic.

Hypoallergic: Our lyocell fibers are gentle on the skin. Tested and certified with both FKT “Medically Tested – Tested for Toxins” & OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, there are no harmful chemicals that are harmful to health and irritates your skin.

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